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Linda Paterson

Works by Linda Paterson :
Paterson 2014g  (Guiraut de Luc, Ges si tot m'ai ma volontat felona (BdT 245.1))
Paterson 2011  (Culture and Society in Medieval Occitania)
Paterson 2014  (Giraut de Borneil (Anonymous?) "BdT 242.77")
Harvey - Paterson 2010  ( The troubadour tensos and partimens : a critical edition (in collaboration with Anna Radaelli and Claudio Franchi)  )
Sweetenham - Paterson 2003  (The 'Canso d'Antioca': An Epic Chronicle of the First Crusade)
Gaunt - Harvey - Paterson 2000  (Marcabru: A Critical Edition)
Paterson 2014h  (Guiraut de Luc, BdT 245.2)